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How Much Is Your, Your Daughter’s or Wife’s Life Worth?

Please Read this entire message !

Not sure about you guys, but what happened to this poor woman WHILE VACATIONING is something that’s gotten me so ANGRY ABOUT IT, as I have a wife, sister, nieces, a mother, a mother in-law, a daughter in-law, a few sisters-in-law and many beautiful women in my life that I truly Love, Adore and Care for.

To all of you who have a daughter in high school or in college, a mother, a wife, a sister or a very important female in your life that means the world to you. Please make sure they learn the basics of self defense.

🎉 There are BASIC moves that are soooo painful when done to someone else that it doesn’t matter how strong the other person is, when use properly and effectively YOU or YOUR DAUGHTER MIGHT HAVE A GOOD CHANCE TO TELL THE TALE!

🎉 Moves that DOESN’T require years to learn but can potentially mean the difference between dying or living, the difference between seeing your kid again or NEVER AGAIN.

Don’t believe me? Close one of your eyes and flick one of your fingers to it as hard as you can. Come on do it now.....I’ll wait.....NOW tell me what that felt like. PAIN

That pain was just caused by one of your tiny little fingers.

🎉 Now imagine what kind of pain you could inflict onto someone who’s trying to hurt you or your daughter if she was to use her fist or foot the right way, striking the right body part?

Join my “How Much Is Your Life Worth?” Real Self Defense Seminar

on Sunday July 14. From 10:30am until 12:30 pm.

This is NOT going to be your regular high school self defense program that only works against girls 120 pounds and under.

🎉🎉 Everyone will learn REAL SELF DEFENSE which can help them save their own lives. 

Remember, your daughter lives now under your roof and at the safety and protection of you and your home. (For Now).

However, your little girl will one day go to college and meet someone you may not know anything about.

🎉 Each participant will recibe a weapon that is COMPLETELY LEGAL all over the world but can give you or your daughter the advantage in a physical confrontation.

🎉 We will cover every case scenario & how to defend against it.

🎉 How to anticipate and avoid danger.

🎉 How NOT to look like a victim or easy prey. 

🎉 How to defend agains Strikes. 

🎉 How to defend agains take downs.

🎉 How to defend against chokes. 

And many more REAL SCENARIOS. 

This self defense system works for everyone regardless of gender or weight.

Best of all, every single person taking the seminar will be able to comeback next year
ABSOLUTELY FREE to refresh all of the lessons learned.

Remember, we ALWAYS spend money on things that we want and not enough on things that we need.

This Self Defense

Program is a MUST.

I strongly believe every human being should know how to do 2 things in life.

1). How to swim, as we are surrounded by water.

2). How to fight, as we are surrounded by other 7 Billion human beings that are not always there in the head and can be dangerous to us and the people we love.

Join “How Much Is Your Life Worth?” and give your daughter

or yourself a chance to grow old.

Regular price $399 sale price

to the first 20 people is $299

If You think $300 is to much, then answer this one question “How Much Is Your Life or The Life Of Someone You're Responsible For or Truly Care For Worth?”


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TO THIS 2 HOUR Life Changing


SUNDAY JULY 14, 2019